Rishi Debuts Craft Brew Sparkling Teas & Botanicals in Kegs

Rishi Tea, the leading importer brand of certified organic teas and botanicals from the most remote, ecologically pristine growing regions in the world, is once again revolutionizing the industry with compelling innovation. After successful pilot programs in Milwaukee and Chicago, the company is poised to launch their new line of kegged Craft Brew Sparkling Teas & Botanicals to a national audience.

Rishi Craft Brew Tea combines equal parts culinary innovation and ancient herbal wisdom in a range of exotic flavor profiles that are expertly brewed and served on tap as never before. Rishi Craft Brews appeal to everyone from yogis needing to replenish to professionals and students in need of a rejuvenating, clean energy boost. Like all Rishi products, the new line is all natural, brewed using organic teas and botanicals, and free from added sugar, colorants, and preservatives.

“Cold brew coffee exploded in the market in part because it offers a feeling of sophistication that we typically experience only during evening sessions at the craft micro-brew or cocktail bar,” says Joshua Kaiser, Founder and President of Rishi. “We wanted to tap into that lifestyle appeal with a greater range of flavor profiles, caffeine levels, and enticing infusion colors to suit any occasion. We’re seeing our Craft Brews served as hydrating pick-me-ups in office cafés, and as alcohol alternatives for patrons of bars and restaurants who seek culinary creativity without the booze.”

Rishi Craft Brews begin with the same superior quality tea and herb ingredients they source for gourmet loose leaf and sachet tea blends. These ingredients are masterfully brewed in collaboration with partners at Milwaukee Brewing Company. Rishi artisans and Milwaukee brewmasters work side-by-side using sophisticated brewing techniques. Each recipe is unique and requires artistry and close attention to achieve the desired balance in flavor and aroma.

“Milwaukee has a rich history as the Brew City,” says Michael Aschenbrener, R&D Specialist at Rishi. “German immigrants in the mid-1800’s discovered that their traditional beer recipes tasted amazing here, because the water is so pure and has the right mineral balance for brewing. We have long enjoyed the water here for our professional tea cupping. Now we are seeing amazing results using our local water to brew at scale.”

Rishi Craft Brews are available in 5-gallon recyclable kegs. With its one-way distribution model, Rishi requires no deposit and no return for kegs, allowing them to supply Craft Brew nationwide while maintaining supervision of the brewing process and all the quality benefits of brewing with Milwaukee water.

Opening Lineup:

Runner’s High – an invigorating sparkling botanical featuring organic yerba mate, fermented Japanese green tea, black limon citrus, omija berries, and other organic herbs chosen for their adaptogenic and restorative properties. Runner’s High stimulates the body and refreshes the palate.

Sparkling Turmeric – inspired by Southeast Asian anti-inflammatory remedies for headaches and hangovers, this brew combines the centering energy of turmeric root with punchy ginger, zesty kaffir lime leaf, and juicy mango. A rare, superior culinary grade of saffron lends aromatic complexity and enhances the naturally bright golden infusion color.