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Rewe wants to extend opening hours by 4 hours

The year-long debate about the opening hours in the trade is on the move again. The current regulation is an “artificial protection, which contradicts the market logic,” said Rewe Austria CEO Marcel Haraszti on Wednesday at the annual press conference of the retail group. He wishes to extend the opening hours from 72 to 76 hours per week. Sunday, on the other hand, is sacred.
The wish is not new, but so far met the Rewe Group in Austria on deaf ears. Too strong is the lobby of opponents of an expansion of opening hours – and this ranges from trade union to chamber of commerce. “We do not have to conform to the attitude of institutions, we have to look after our customers,” said the Rewe manager.

Changed life forms as an argument
The life forms have changed and there are more and more commuters. In addition, Austria is not an island of the blessed, but there are neighboring countries such as Hungary or the Czech Republic, in which other conditions prevailed, as well as Amazon, which does not block his access at a certain time, so Haraszti.

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