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Rewe, Lidl, Edeka are nominated for the environmental negative award

Fruit and cake wrapped in plastic, gummy bears in the mini bag – the German Environmental Aid (DUH) has nominated a total of six products for the negative prize “Golden Vulture” to nonsensical plastic packaging. As the DUH announces, consumers can vote on the “winner” on the organization’s website by the end of August. Umwelthilfe had selected the products from around 200 submissions.

Among the nominees are ready-to-eat melon pieces from Rewe, garden herbs from Edeka and a slice of apple pie from Lidl – all sold in plastic bowls and wrapped in foil. For this purpose, the environmentalists selected still water from the brand Vittel by Nestlé in disposable bottles, packaged Haribo gummy bears and individually packaged cleaning rod for the dishwasher from Reckitt Benckiser.

“In no country in Europe as much packaging waste as in Germany,” criticized the DUH CEO Jürgen Resch. The consumption of plastic packaging has doubled since 1995 from 19 to 37 kilograms per capita per year.

DUH criticizes “wasteful way” in dealing with resources
The products selected are representative of the fact that “manufacturers and traders are still wastefully using limited resources and accepting environmental pollution”.


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