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Retail Pro International Showcases a Market-First Mobile 2.0 Solution at Retail’s BIG Show

NEW YORK, NY – January 13, 2014 – Retail Pro International, a global leader in retail management software, showcased the market-first Mobile 2.0 solution, Retail Pro Prism®, closing the expectation gap on mobile POS at today’s opening of the NRF EXPO, the world’s premier retail technology showcase.

Built to meet today’s technology demands, Retail Pro Prism delivers full functionality of robust retail software across mobile and desktop platforms without compromising performance or limiting the feature set, and can be deployed seamlessly across iOS, Android, and Windows environments. This gives retailers the opportunity to become more creative with their transaction processes and hardware choices, and provides the option to free their staff from traditional cash wraps. Retail Pro Prism’s consistency of user experience across all platforms conveniently eliminates the need for additional training usually associated with the change of hardware or introduction of a new platform.

“Rather than a simplified mobile POS, where features are scaled back or non-existent when compared to full desktop-based systems as we see in all first generation of mobile POS, Retail Pro Prism does not scale back features of the ePOS simply because it is mobile”, said Kerry Lemos, CEO of Retail Pro International, LLC.  “We support a very wide range of specialty retailers across the globe, and have found no two to have customer engagement or mobile strategies that are alike. By marrying proven features of world-class retail software with today’s technology demands in this Mobile 2.0 solution, we are bringing our customers the true freedom to retail the way they want.“

In addition to native cross-platform support, Retail Pro Prism also boasts real-time communications, allowing retailers to share data across the enterprise in real-time.  Other key benefits include both a flexible and customizable UI which can mirror all details of the retailer’s brand and process, thin-client architecture for lighter hardware demands, choice of database and unparalleled extensibility, allowing retailers to adapt their Retail Pro Prism installation to their exact needs.  Retail Pro Prism gives retailers full control over the retail experience, regardless of their scale, location, or unique business needs.

“Retail Pro Prism’s ability to deliver full-functionality across platforms is already changing several of our customers’ in-store processes, offering a wealth of new options for optimizing the retail experience”, explains Kerry Lemos. “Retailers need intuitive and consistent processes, fast transactions, powerful options and the flexibility to adapt – and Retail Pro Prism is all of these things; in a nutshell: simple, fast, powerful and flexible.  It truly is first in the next generation of point of sale software.”

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