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Research shows fatty food causes depression


This new US study by Sophie Dutheil, and published in the journal “Neuropharmacology”, identifies for the first time a biological link between depression and too much oily food. It also provides a promising solution for new treatments.  Sophie Dutheil and Ronald Duman, professor of psychiatry and neurobiology at Yale University (USA) and laboratory manager respectively, sought to understand the underlying mechanisms that may explain the correlation between fatty food and Depression behavior.

Scientists have discovered that the metabolism of fats shared the same biological way that neural connections in the brain that are damaged in case of stress and depression. For example, patients with metabolic disorders such as type 2 diabetes are more at risk for depression. In other words, the effects of a diet too rich in fats overlap the effects of chronic stress.

The team of researchers has shown that a high fat diet influenced the behavior of rats. At the end of four months of this regime, both fat metabolism and brain plasticity is disrupted and rodents show signs of depression and anxiety. The fact is that the rats of the group” High Fat Diet (HFD) “have consumed the same number of daily calories than rats in the control group. The only difference is that their calories came from a power six times richer in fat (60% fat against 10% in the control group), explains Sophie Dutheil.

In order to treat these symptoms, scientists have been testing these rats an anesthetic with strong narcotic properties, ketamine. In the same way that the product can reduce depression and chronic stress damage in humans, experience has shown that it reversed the symptoms of depression in rats fed the high-fat diet. Based on this work, the researchers concluded that it would be possible, thanks to ketamine, quickly and significantly reduce the symptoms of chronic depression that can develop in patients with type 2 diabetes.

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