Rennes. Twenty demonstrators in front of the Carrefour hypermarket

Saturday, twenty employees of the Carrefour Alma hypermarket in Rennes, gathered at the entrance to the store. The protestors were responding to a strike launched by the CGT and the CFDT.

The demonstrators, attended from 9 am to 12 pm at the entrance to the supermarket. They were denouncing the understaffing in the store and the deterioration of working conditions.

“There has been a big increase in work stoppages, particularly people working at the checkout, linked to burn-out and overwork. 10 years ago, the store’s workforce were 340 people today we are 240. When we ask for additional staff, they told us that the turnover is down, but the workload remains the same and this has a negative impact on the working conditions and the health of the employees “explains Benjamin Gouezigoux CGT delegate of the store. Protesters gathered in front of the store entrance distributed leaflets to customers during the morning.