RELEX Solutions Hires Strategic Retail Expert to Boost UK and Eire Sales


RELEX Solutions, Europe’s fastest growing provider of Supply Chain solutions and expertise, is appointing Marc Darling as Sales Manager in the UK.

Darling brings considerable experience of retail-sector IT to his new role, joining RELEX from Tibco, a US headquartered provider of cloud based engagement, data-integration and analytics software. As Senior Account Director there he managed relationships with leading UK retailers and secured its first loyalty services contract in Russia.

In the course of his 15-year career Darling has worked with a range of retail IT products, from supply chain solutions with JDA; through to EPoS software at both BT Expedite and PCMS Group, and with Payments/Loyalty solutions at The Logic Group.

“It’s always exciting to join a fast moving company that’s clearly going places,” says Darling. “Having seen the appeal of cloud-based, SaaS options at Tibco I have no doubt that I’ll find a receptive audience for RELEX’s Supply Chain systems.”

“Frankly having looked over the technology, seen the power of in-memory computing to tear through complex calculations a hundred times faster than its rivals, and knowing the results customers have achieved with it, I am really looking forward to joining a great team and spreading the word.”

RELEX UK’s managing director Tommi Ylinen welcomed Marc to the company. “We’ve very particular about who we take on and Marc brings an impressive combination of skills, experience and enthusiasm. He’s an excellent addition to a team of which I’m very proud; one that’s winning converts to RELEX supply chain systems week-in, week-out and I’m looking forward to his helping us establish ourselves as the provider of choice to UK and Irish retailers.”

RELEX Solutions is the first supply chain solution provider to offer retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers the power of In-Memory Computing.

Together with a proprietary database and unique tools RELEX delivers results over 100 times faster than traditional alternatives, bringing unprecedented power and agility to supply chain management.

Customers in 15 countries use RELEX demand forecasting, inventory optimisation, replenishment automation solutions to cut spoilage by 40%, inventory by 30%, boost on-shelf availability to 98%+, and become more profitable in the process.

Founded in 2005 by three logistics scientists, RELEX is the fastest growing company in its field in Europe and employs over 100 people at its offices in the UK, Germany, Sweden, Norway and at its Helsinki headquarters.