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Recipe App As More People Planning To Cook Vegan Christmas Food


Sainsbury’s might have been the most Vegan – friendly supermarket, but Tesco is doing its utmost to make this Christmas as easy as possible to navigate for free dinners. Research conducted by Tesco has shown that thousands of years are ready to cook three options for Christmas dinner.

This year we’re confined to the kitchen, with our annual breakdown at 12.40 pm. And almost half of the hosts will cook for a diet-whether vegan, gluten – free or nut allergies. 14 percent have a vegetarian option to cook, four percent have a vegan dish

Guests will be happy with dish, and three percent will dish up something nut – free.

Vegan and other alternatives

Due to all the different options, 36 percent of chefs say that they are nervous about cooking a meal that everyone can enjoy, while 35 percent admit that they are overwhelmed by the number of options to cook.

In addition to catering for family members with dietary needs, one in three other concerns are ‘ not getting food ready at the same time,’ followed by a fear of ‘ burning certain items. ‘ But help is available.

Tesco app Tesco launched

a ” Festive Menu Helper “-an app full of recipes, inspiration and tips for free.

All the app lists are shoppable, so you can add the ingredients and dishes to your pantry to be delivered to your door-or you can print a pre – written shopping list to your nearest store.

No idea what wine is eating? The web app also offers a wine pairing service-handy for 83 percent of the population who don’t think about what wine is supplied with food.

Menu planning

To begin with, you create your guest list and select all dietary requirements. Then you have two options: create your own scratch menu or ‘ let Tesco do the hard work’ by choosing a three – course menu for you.

It proposes pre – made bits for certain courses and easy recipes for others. And if you don’t like something ‘s sound, you can take it away. Each course has a few options and the app has six vegan hands, five starters and seven puds in general.

Vegan Christmas

” Christmas can be a stressful time and this research shows how many festive home chefs across the nation cater for different tastes, ” said Tesco CEO Martyn Lee in a statement sent to Plant Based News.

” Our new festive menu creation service is designed with pre – preparedand scratch-made suggestions to help people who are looking for inspiration for what to cook keep all their guests happy and hopefully help’ designated chefs ‘ across the nation feel a little more calm on Christmas Day. “

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