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Real disappears in many German cities


For months, Metro and Redos have advised exclusively on the sale of Real. As CHIP has already reported, Metro wants to keep part of the real markets.

At least for the next three years. For this reason, real estate investor Redos and the retail giant Metro are setting up a sort of joint venture. Nearly a quarter of it is to keep Metro in the company. By the end of October, the sale of the individual branches should be signed. The joint venture should also be up to this date.
On CHIP request Metro had already confirmed the plans indirectly. The press office had at least emphasized that Metro wanted to continue some of the real markets. By the end of September, Metro and Redos intend to file their plans with the Bundeskartellamt.

The agency could block the sale if supermarket monopolies are created in some cities. Exactly, for this reason, Metro apparently wants to continue some real markets.


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