Rami Levy shuts down its deli counters after WHO’s warning on Processed meat

Israeli discounter Rami Levy Chain Stores will shade its deli counters in the all of its branches. The supermarket store said that the choice was taken as a major aspect of a redesign process, before the World Health Organization (WHO) report, which cautioned that processed meats contain cancer-causing agents, and set them the same category as cigarettes and asbestos.

Israel’s third-biggest general store chain will rather open new fish counters to supplant the shop counters, which convey moderately high working expenses, both as far as faculty and the rebates on items.

Rami Levy has effectively shut the store counters in some 50% of its 34 branches and will finish the procedure before the end of first quarter of 2016. The shop counters will be supplanted by bundled frosty cuts, which will be supplied to the chain by the producers.

The grocery store chain had abstained from opening crisp fish counters throughout the years, essentially because of the many-sided quality of working such areas and the lack of qualified experts. Rami Levy has opened the new fish segments in 5 branches hitherto Kiryat Shmona, Kfar Saba, Ashkelon, Ashdod, and Beitar; the Modi’in branch will incorporate the fish offering before the year is over.

As per Levy, the crisp fish counters will be a piece of each store by the second 50% of one year from now. “A client that purchases crisp fish needs benefit. The most concerning issue in the division is representatives, which is the reason a percentage of the branches will offer arranged crisp fish that will be bundled for us at a Jaffa pressing house.”

Lev Yam Aquaculture, the company in which Rami Levy holds a 10% stake will primarily supply the new offerings.