Purely Pinole Power Breakfast Cereals Now Non-GMO Project Verified

Purely Pinole, the first brand to introduce the Aztec power food pinole (pih-nol) to the U.S., is pleased to announce it has earned Non-GMO Project Verification across its entire line of delicious hot breakfast cereals.

Created by the Aztecs more than 500 years ago for energy and endurance, pinole is made from a rare variety of ancient purple maize (roasted for rich, nutty flavor), chocolatey cacao, and hints of cinnamon. A nutritional powerhouse, Purely Pinole helps consumers get more out of breakfast by delivering high protein, high fiber, and free radical fighting antioxidants in every bite.

“The maize that powers pinole has been a staple of indigenous diets for centuries,” states Claudio Ochoa, co-founder of Native State Foods, the manufacturer of Purely Pinole. “Over time, humans stripped that maize of its nutrients and turned it into the genetically modified corn that is now found in processed, unhealthy foods. Certification through The Non-GMO Project demonstrates our commitment to returning to the way food should be – real, healthy, and nutritious.”

Co-founder Angela Palmieri agrees, “We are committed to providing consumers with a transparent marketplace experience. Our personal commitment to seed-to-shelf responsibility means we work directly with small family farmers here in the U.S. to ensure the integrity and quality of our products at each stage of their development.”

The Non-GMO Project is the most trusted verification in North America for non-GMO products. To receive verification, products must meet the Project Standard set forth by industry experts and stakeholders. Facility inspections, annual audits, and ongoing testing of at-risk ingredients are a part of this process to ensure products remain as natural as possible.