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Puregold introduces e-commerce platform to ease transactions



Philippines Supermarket chain Puregold announced that it would cease building junior and extra stores. The company plans to bring in an e-commerce platform to ease the transactions with sari-sari stores. The nation’s second biggest grocery store chain Puregold Price Club Incorporated will concentrate on its unique configuration and receive e-business to streamline its operations in 2016.

Puregold President Vincent Co said Puregold would no more form Junior and Extra stores. The company will use two smaller store arrangements used to portray between stores sizes. In light of examination, he said, the littler stores evoked negative implications of conveying a less grouping of items.

The firm would likewise be incorporating e-business to ease the ordering and delivery system for its sari-sari store customers. Co said the organization is presently pilot-testing e-business through a portable application where sari-sari store clients can flawlessly order items through paperless framework. At present, Puregold takes orders by telephone, email or content with exchanges prepared physically.

He pointed out that Puregold would hold the superstore and distribution center formats. Co said the span of Puregold stores will now rely on upon the business sector measure, the demographics in the territory and the populace, altering the arrangement every store will convey contingent upon whether the range has more end-clients or sari-sari stores.

Puregold has designated P1 billion ($2.108 million) in 2016 to open 25 more stores across the country with an essential center in Visayas and Mindanao, where Co said the organization is underrepresented. The firm has 6 stores each in Visayas and Mindanao. Puregold as of now has 257 stores. Likewise, it has 9 NE and 8 BudgetLane stores, two general store chains the firm procured for this present year. In February, Puregold purchased the 9-store general store chain of NE Incorporated, a Nueva Ecija-based retailer.

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