Walmart Puerto Rico reported that it made a donation of 36 food vans and basic necessities valued at $ 1.5 million to the Food Bank, which will be distributed among different entities.

The items included have begun to be delivered to centers for the elderly, children and mental health; non-profit entities that serve people with disabilities, homeless and in the process of rehabilitation; Correctional complexes and community-based organizations that offer social services, among others.

In addition, purchases were distributed to federal employees who, due to the closure of the government, have not received their salary for one month.

“Combating famine is one of the priorities of our company, and that is why we have a close collaboration with the Food Bank of Puerto Rico to reach thousands of homes through the organizations they assist through its different programs. These thousands of pounds of merchandise constitute an additional contribution to the donations that since 2009 our company, through our Walmart, Sam’s Club and Amigo formats, delivers to the charity every week. Knowing that we are helping the needy fills us with satisfaction, “said Viviana Mercado, senior manager of Corporate Affairs at Walmart Puerto Rico.

The Food Bank of Puerto Rico whose mission is to meet the needs of people suffering from food insecurity through 138 non-profit organizations serve different populations that do not have the economic resources to bring food to their homes. The organization annually distributes an average of 5.3 million pounds and serves more than 123,000 people.

Source: elvocero

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