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Promedica Considers Food as Preventive Medicine


ProMedica, considering a unique approach to health care, is focussing on food as preventive medicine.  The health system framework has opened a full-service grocery shop called Market on the Green to enhance health-related outcomes in one of Toledo’s underserved territories. The business sector offers meat, produce dairy items, locally prepared goods, frozen food and toiletries. Most of the products are manufactured locally. ProMedica in order to operate the market had hired full and part-time employees with prior retail experience. enlisted full and low maintenance representatives with former retail experience to work the business sector.

Market on the Green is situated in Toledo’s UpTown group, a range that was thought to be a food desert in light of the fact that it needed healthy and reasonable food. ProMedica distinguished the area with the help of Chicago-based Mari Gallagher Research and Consulting Group which is known for its work on food deserts. Roughly one in seven Toledo occupants live in food deserts which frequently have a high population of individuals with diabetes, coronary illness and other extreme health conditions. Many acute ailments are food related according to a 2016 Hunger Report published and distributed by Bread for the World Institute.

ProMedica Ebeid Institute is named after a Michigan businessman and philanthropist, Russell Ebeid. Ebeid gave $1.5 million to renovate the four-story building, donated by the city of Toledo. Randy Oostra, Promedica president and chief executive officer said that they are extremely grateful to Mr. Ebeid and the city of Toledo and intend to utilize this present to assist and improve the economic and social conditions in the UpTown community.

ProMedica has been working on a national grade to increase awareness about hunger as a typical health issue, address food insecurity and affordable food in underserved communities since 2013.

For more details about ProMedica’s hunger activities, visit

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