ProLogic Retail Services Energizes Shopper Loyalty at Lowes Foods

ProLogic Retail Services, the largest provider of loyalty marketing solutions to independent grocers, is announcing the extension of its contract with Lowes Foods, a Carolinas-based grocer. ProLogic’s technology is the engine behind Lowes Foods’ Fresh Rewards program which provides shoppers with instant rewards, gas rewards and special promotional offers.

Through the Fresh Rewards program, ProLogic enables Lowes Foods to segment its shoppers, identifying its top shoppers and understanding their purchase patterns.  With this information, ProLogic enables Lowes Foods to run targeted promotions that are specifically tailored to individual shoppers or groups of shoppers.  These targeted promotions help Lowes Foods to retain its best shoppers and expand their purchases throughout the store.

“We are very pleased to extend our longtime partnership with ProLogic,” said Tim Lowe, President of Lowes Foods. “ProLogic delivers great value to Lowes Foods with a powerful, flexible loyalty marketing platform that enables us to create and execute intelligent promotions.  The Fresh Rewards program is a cornerstone of our relationship with our guests and has proven highly effective in helping us retain our top shoppers and increase their purchases.”

With the Fresh Rewards program, members save on weekly specials throughout the store and receive personalized promotional offers relevant to their shopping preferences.  Furthermore, members earn gas rewards that they can redeem at participating Speedway and Lowes Foods gas stations, and are eligible for a variety of other exclusive benefits and special promotions.

“ProLogic is delighted to renew and extend our relationship with Lowes Foods,” said Ross Ely, President and CEO of ProLogic Retail Services. “Lowes Foods is an outstanding practitioner of loyalty marketing and makes great use of our loyalty marketing platform.  It’s an honor for us to serve Lowes Foods and help them compete as a local independent grocer in a challenging competitive environment.”