Product Recall of Robby Bubble Strawberry

Due to preventative consumer protection measures, Carstens-Haefelin Kellereien GmbH is recalling the following product in Finland:

Robby Bubble Strawberry in 0.75 litre glass bottles with an expiration date of 3/2020 – Batch numbers L263 7 1700889 and L264 7 1700889

Carstens-Haefelin Kellerein GmbH is recalling the above mentioned drink as a precautionary consumer protection measure (information on the best before date and batch numbers can be found beneath the capsule). All other products belonging to the Robby Bubble brand are not affected by the recall.

During an internal control carried out by the producer, contamination with yeast during the bottling process of the affected bottles was detected. These yeasts can cause a fermentation process, which in turn can lead to a buildup of pressure in the bottle. This can lead the bottle to explode or cause the closure to fly off.

Customers are requested not to open or consume the contents of the bottles. The above mentioned product should be carefully packed into a bag, which should then be well sealed and placed in a waste disposal unit.

Customers who have purchased the above mentioned product will of course be reimbursed the retail price upon presentation of the appropriate receipt. They can contact Carstens-Haefelin Kellerein GmbH’s customer service department to get more information (e-mail:

In the interest of preventative consumer protection and in coordination with relevant authorities, Carstens-Haefelin Kellerein GmbH has already initiated the recall of the product from retail. The company regrets the incident and apologizes for any possible resulting inconveniences.