Pre-decorated Christmas tree sales expected to rise this season


A rise in demand for pre-designed trees is expected for this year’s Christmas. Samuel Lyle, founder partner of Pines and Needles, a Christmas tree supply firm said that the company expects the best ever year as far as Christmas tree business is considered. Last year pre designed trees sales shoot up 80 percent from the previous year. The trend is expected to continue.

Money rich, time-poor clients can browse 66 diverse shading blends on the Pines and Needles site, and workplaces make up 95pc of offers. To make it much less demanding for corporate clients to convey some merry soul to the work environment, Pines and Needles offers an accumulation and reusing service.

Samuel Lyle, founder partner of Pines and Needles sold his first Christmas tree when he was only 13 years of age. His dad who possesses a homestead in Scotland, was clearing a zone of forest and, being December, the Norwegian spruces were popular. “My more seasoned sibling inspired me to do the offering and it profited,” says Lyle, now 34.

The trees sold out and Lyle and his sibling Josh, 36, extended the business the next year, bit by bit planting more trees and putting the benefits into leasing adjacent land. Pines and Needles, their Christmas tree supply business, now offers 30,000 trees direct to clients and will wholesale a further 30,000 this year. It improves and introduces trees in a portion of the UK’s most well known venues, from Wembley Stadium to the Natural History Museum.

The organization, which is situated in London however dispatches trees everywhere throughout the UK, runs its own particular armada of 30 vans, which permits it to offer a five-hour conveyance opening in the capital. At the point when offering an item as clumsy and substantial as a Christmas tree, you have to offer choice client administration, Lyle says.

“We attempt to be the Rolls-Royce of Christmas trees. In the event that individuals don’t care for the tree, we bring it back without any inquiries asked.”Pines and Needles run its open air “showrooms” – Christmas tree parcels – in parks around London.