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Post Brexit fears coerces Cadbury to registers new name ‘Dark Milk’


Mondelez owned British Confectionery Company Cadbury might smack with a new variant of its importunate chocolate bar, Dairy Milk. Cadbury have registered the name ‘Dark Milk’ crafting speculations that a bar containing more cocoa is in the making.

But many industry insiders are weighing on the chances of brand protection as a reason for Cadbury registering new name. In the wake of Brexit vote, if UK leaves EU, the confectioner worries that other EU countries will block sales of Cadbury’s on the Continent by redefining chocolate. EU countries, particularly Belgium, France, Italy and Spain have long criticized Cadbury’s Diary Milk and other British Chocolates as they contained vegetable fat, which has not been allowed in the Eurozone.

After a battle of thirty years, it was only in 2000 that EU countries allowed the sale of British chocolates. If in case, EU decides to tear up the agreement after the Brexit, Cadbury will have to remove vegetable fat from its recipes and include more cocoa to be sold under the chocolate product category. This would call in for a darker chocolate hence Dark Milk is a perfect name, think analysts.

The Europeans are very particular about chocolate and they trust only products made with cocoa butter are worthy of being called chocolate.

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