In the middle of the Christmas business, supermarket giant Edeka launches a boycott for some popular brands. The company wants to achieve better delivery conditions. For consumers, and this seems to have significant consequences.

    Last year, Edeka caused a stir with the boycott of all Nestlé products. However, the company was limited to less profitable brands of the food giant. In the new dispute with the brands Mars, Red Bull and Heineken, things are different.

Edeka is putting pressure on the mentioned brands to achieve better supply contracts in 2019. The affected articles are 56 articles from Mars, 21 from Red Bull and 14 from Heineken. These are some of the products such as M & M’s, Snickers, Twix, Amicelli, Pedigree, Uncle Ben’s and Red Bull.

Customers are not expected to find empty shelves, supermarket has replaced popular brands with competing products and no-name brands. 

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