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Polynesian food set to be big in 2017

Waitrose reveals we’ll be eating charcoal flavoured food next year. As a nation of foodies we eagerly anticipate the next big trends in the gastronomic world and Waitrose is here to help by revealing what we will be eating and drinking in 2017.

Polynesian food is set to be big in 2017 and Poke (pronounced POH-keh) will take on sushi to become the must-eat lunch. Often served with rice, this dish sees raw fish marinated with lime, sesame and soy – fitting with the trend for lighter eating using fresher ingredients.

Alternative waters such as birch, bamboo and cactus thrived this year and 2017 will see the trend grow even further thanks to the drinks brand WTRMLN WTR. Beyoncé bought a stake in the company which produces cold pressed watermelon juice. Waitrose already stocks two variations of watermelon water from MELLO and WOW which are already proving popular with customers.

Waitrose is already on the front foot when it comes to launching on trend products as they introduced Matcha green tea to several products such as chocolate bars and juice shots.  This year also saw the supermarket launch a charcoal bagel in collaboration with celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal. Next year these trends will become more mainstream, as charcoal is set to be introduced to more Waitrose products.

Jonathan Moore, Waitrose Executive Chef comments, ‘Our shoppers are adventurous and always enjoy trying something new.  So at Waitrose we make sure we’re always on the lookout for the next big foodie trends, such as Poke, alternative waters and charcoal flavoured products. As a nation we eat out and travel more than ever so it’s important we scour the globe for new food and drink ideas for our shoppers to enjoy at home, too.’

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