If the French were to choose a company in which to work, it would be Google. A survey by Toluna, a leading digital market research and technology company, revealed that the Californian internet giant is the number one in the Top favorite of French companies. The survey results published in the October 27, illustrates that the French prefer to work on technological companies like Google, Microsoft and Sony. The publishers, Toluna has a social voting community of more than 9 million members across 46+ countries.

The respondents were asked if they had the opportunity, which companies would they like to work or invest their money on. Most of the participants voted for Google, the company says. “The French dream of a start-up spirit in a mastodon body. And they prefer Google, regardless of gender, age, education level or income, “explains Philippe Guilbert, CEO of Toluna.

Behind the leading trio include Airbus, L’Oreal (in lead ahead of Google and Microsoft for its investment attractiveness), EDF and SNCF. According to Challenges, these groups are “reassuring by maturity” but also engaging “with their creativity.” On the automotive side, Michelin surpasses BMW and Renault pole.

“The French are pragmatic. The economic vitality of the high-tech is a guarantee of jobs with strong potential, “say the study authors. The French show a realistic understanding of economic trends, they added.  The survey was conducted on 5 to 25 September 2016 quizzing 6,353 people from 295 companies.Charles Lepeu, creator of the record, concludes: “Through their preferences as employees or investors , the French reveal a realistic understanding of economic trends and corporate news. “

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