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Plus becomes the fastest growing supermarket chain in 2015


Supermarket chain Plus managed to increase sales last year considerably. Turnover grew by 8.8 percent. Supermarket chain Coop also had a good year in 2015, with sales up by 7.5 percent. Plus, with its turnover increase of 8.8 percent is also the fastest growing supermarket chain in 2015.

Consumer sales figures of Plus last year came to over 2.2 billion Euros. The chain saw its market share thus grown from 5.9 to 6.2 percent. Plus now has 262 affiliates. That’s seven more than what it had twelve months back. “It goes well with Plus. Our customer base is growing and loyal”, said CEO Jan Brouwer. The CEO also stated that the meat variety Plus stores increased rapidly over the years. Better Life meat, organic meat and vegetarian items are often on offer. With one hundred and fifty stores, the customers of the organization now can do online shopping at their convenience. Those online orders would be either delivered through collection points or directly to their door steps.

Supermarket chain Coop saw a sales increase of 7.5 percent. Consumer sales rose from 75 million Euros to 1.1 billion. The company credits the growth to the increase in the number of stores and growth in customer numbers. The supermarket chain now has 254 affiliates. That is thirteen more than what they had a year ago. In addition, dozens of cases have been modernized and the Department of fruits and vegetables has been completely renewed. Coop, which in 2016 celebrates its 125th anniversary, is expected to continue to growth. Plus and Coop are still much smaller than major competitors Alrbert Heijn and Jumbo.

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