The plans were approved by planners at Stratford District Council last night, despite opposition from local residents and the Town Council.

Tesco argue that the development would create new jobs and that the current disused garage forecourt is out of keeping with the area.

According to the council the opening hours would be detrimental to nearby residents and that the proposal is contrary to the adopted Shipston Neighbourhood Plan, with the mass, scale and intensity of the proposed development deemed unacceptable.

“My personal view is that I don’t think Tesco have any intention to ever develop that site and this application is just to get planning permission so the land would be worth more to sell on. I do think it would be beneficial for Shipston for that site to be redeveloped, it has been vacant for a number of years, but I think what Tesco are putting forward is wrong for that space. A convenience store is meant to be convenient and it doesn’t have adequate parking, they will expect shoppers to park in the Telegraph Street Car Park and walk there, but there isn’t a pavement, are they expecting people to walk in the road? I’m disappointed that the Highways Department has not supported us on this point.” said Shipston mayor Cllr Dan Scobie .

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