Media Markt has launched a pilot project on in-store navigation and location-based services. In Media Markt in Gründau-Lieblos, Hesse, customers now have the opportunity to be guided through the store via an app. This not only saves time for the customer but also relieves the sales staff who have more time for personal consultations. At the same time, the app supports the employees in the inventory and the processing of picking lists for Click & Collect orders from the online shop.

“Visible Light Communication” technology: Intelligent ceiling lights emit a modulated light with invisible identification codes.
There are three things to consider when introducing new in-store technologies, says Sonja Moosburger, CEO of the Media Markt Saturn Innovation Unit “N3XT”: how these technologies work, their relevance to the company and their customers and what else needs to be considered about the infrastructure of the market. Currently, the focus is on instore positioning – a topic that should provide the basis for any location-based services.

Signify’s End-User Marketing Manager, Kim Van-Blessin, believes that Indoor Positioning and Smart Lighting will become mainstream in a few years from now. It is the same company that produced the light-based technology used for the pilot project. Since the Media Markt in Gründau-Lieblos should be completely rebuilt anyway, the new LED lighting was also equipped accordingly.

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