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Pig farmers in UK lose £10 every time they sell a Pig



Pig farmers in UK lose £10 every time they sell a Pig. Farmers from various parts of UK has called upon supermarkets, butchers and regular customers to support them to survive what they call “the worst period of low prices for over half a decade”.  Members including NFU Scotland and Quality Meat Scotland have appealed to the authorities in a joint statement to check the European Union over supply of Pig related products.

The statement signed by AHDB Pork, Assured Food Standards, the British Pig Association, National Pig Association and Pig Veterinary Society demands the support from the rest of the food chain to stabilise the industry. “Without the support of the rest of the food-chain, serious contraction in the national pig herd is inevitable”, it says.

Many of the pig producers are reportedly thinking of quitting the business or scaling back the production. They asked the processors not to exploit the over supply to emulate their margins. The current trends increase the profit for processors, but bringing huge loses to the suppliers. They also pleaded the independent butchers to label the pork with the origin country so that the buyers would clearly know where their pork is coming from. The group asked the food service sector to clearly state if there is a British pork on sale.

The organisation expressed gratitude to the stores who stocked fully British fresh pork for sale. The group reminded that pig farmers are just being paid at the 2007 rates even at a time where Pork has a good sales value. The organisation asked the shoppers: “Please always make a point of checking the pork, bacon, ham and sausages you buy are British.”

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