Personalised cool bags from Waitrose a huge hit

Personalised cool bags, which were available for shoppers at upmarket retailer Waitrose has proved to be a huge success during the Holiday season. Personalised cool bags were made for the supermarket by Ultimate Digital, a Europarc-based flexible print pro, permitting clients to take home their pre-ordered Turkey Breast Parcels from 280 stores across the country.

Frances Westerman, seasonal and specialised poultry buyer for Waitrose, said that they were searching for an approach to separate Waitrose from our rivals and introduction of personalized cool bags has made them a UK first. The bags were instituted as a part of the company’s personalization campaign presented by the Waitrose marketing and social media team to entice and please their clients.

Andrew Hendry, assistant marketing manager for social media at Waitrose, said that these personalised cool bags fitted incredibly within their Christmas campaign. Waitrose has worked with Ultimate during the earlier Christmas season, to create #MakesChristmas social media campaign, which also had become a great success. Chris Tonge, executive director at Ultimate Group, said they were pleased when Waitrose consented to keep running with this project to show both the eminent print quality and variable information abilities of our wide web HP Indigo computerized press. The Waitrose cool bag was intended to utilize the full 760mm width of the press and every individual named image was store coded to allow Waitrose to disseminate the finished bags to 280 stores.