Paul.a.young Launches New California Prune Recipe

California Prunes continues its relationship with award-winning artisan chocolatier paul.a.young, with an exciting new product to be available in all four London boutiques.

Paul is so excited by the versatility and flavour of California Prunes that he has created a new California Prune and Pecan Praline Blondie recipe to demonstrate the delicious flavour of one of Britain’s best-loved dried fruits.

Following the success of the California Prune and Porter Truffle, launched in Autumn 2013 and which sold out in all four London stores; and the Plum Pudding Dome and the Plum Pudding Brownie which achieved fervent sales as part of the Christmas range, the new Blondie will be on-sale from 1st April 2014.

“Rich, flavourful and delicious, California Prunes are renowned for their quality and versatility as a cooking ingredient. I am really hoping to inspire people to use them more indulgently in their cooking and enjoy them for the amazing flavour they have,” says Paul.

“Their flavour profile is like Olorosso sherry, deep lovely port, caramel and Muscovado sugar – the perfect partner for chocolate which has a rich complex flavour. I like intense flavours in the ingredients I chose for the range at paul.a.young. We don’t use artificial flavours and it is important to choose pure ingredients which aren’t going to be drowned out,” advises Paul.

Paul, who is acclaimed for his unusual and indulgent use of ingredients and his on-going passion to create everything by hand, will launch the California Prune and Pecan Praline Blondie at the high profile consumer Cake and Bake show in Manchester, demonstrating the recipe in the show’s main theatre on Saturday 5th April.

“Working with a food industry professional of the calibre of paul.a.young, is very exciting and we are very proud to be able to continue our relationship with him,” says Esther Ritson-Elliott, California Prune Board’s European Marketing Director.

“Paul always produces the most wonderful California Prune recipes and his pairing of ingredients and the rich and intense flavours he uses always compliments the prunes exceptionally well and also shows off their fantastic versatility as an ingredient. This is always demonstrated by how quickly the products disappear from the shelves.”