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At NATURAL PRODUCTS EXPO EAST 2014 in Baltimore, USA, the world’s leading natural products Show on the East coast, Paradise Fruits Freeze-Dried and Solutions companies will showcase their full range of innovative, high quality organic and conventional fruit ingredients to American and wider international markets.


The companies which operate under the “Paradise Fruits” umbrella will demonstrate how its top quality products have a number of applications, ranging from bakery, cereals and snack bars to chocolate and tea. However, it’s the healthy fruit snacking developments which is the exciting news, demonstrating Paradise Fruits’ unparalleled ability to meet the fastest growing trends at exactly the right time, using cutting-edge innovation.

Kurt Jahnke, CEO of Paradise Fruits says: “The market for no-added sugar-based products and fruit snacking is one of the areas that has seen the biggest growth in recent years, as consumers demand healthier, more convenient and excellent tasting clean-label products. We have seen growth in North America for more natural products. Paradise Fruits has developed innovative applications to meet this growing trend. These include different product forms and formats which all deliver on flavour, texture and nutritional content. For example, our Pure Fruit Juice Drops made with 100% fruit content can be eaten on their own as a snack, or as an inclusion within various end products and they are particularly appealing to children and parents looking for fruit-based alternative to sugary snacks.”

Latest global market research analysis shows that the natural products market continues to grow rapidly reaching $150 billion last year. It is estimated that it will reach $226 billion by 2018 with nearly 70% coming from food and drink products.[1] According to the latest insights, consumers are moving towards healthier products, they want to revert back to simple, wholesome nutrition and avoid consuming food-like substances which often have very poor nutritional content. It became clear that manufacturers will have to spend more time on simplifying their products, making them cleaner and based on whole foods.[2]


The Paradise Fruits range includes three new highly innovative fruit snack organic products.  From Paradise Fruits Solutions is Pure Fruit Shapes, a product which the company says is revolutionizing the fruit snacking market. Because of its high fruit content, ‘portion of fruit’ claims are possible, which offers an exciting prospect for brand owners, enabling niche market segmentation and the development of genuine product USPs. Also in the Solutions range are Pure Fruit Juice Drops, which are perfect for healthy baking, breakfast cereals, snack bars, trail mixes or confectionery.


New from the Paradise Fruits Freeze-Dried range is the uniquely shaped Smoothee Bites, designed as a nutritious natural fruit snack. Smoothee Bites can be made from 100% fruit, or in combination with different ingredients such as vegetables, yogurt, milk and coffee.  The crunchy melt-in-the-mouth texture is delicious and fresh, and with their natural nutrient retention, they are a healthy snack for all ages.


Kurt Jahncke, CEO of Paradise Fruits, explains: “Our mission is to work together with our business partners to draw from our 130 year heritage, build our expertise and look to the future to produce world-class products and services for our global customers and consumers. We’ve already built up some market equity for our Freeze-Dried and Solutions divisions, but we are seeking a step-change during the rest of 2014 and 2015. We are excited by the long term growth possibilities for the fruit snacking category as well as the current strength of the natural products market and look forward to meeting our existing as well as potential new customers at the Show.”


Paradise Fruits Solutions and Freeze-Dried products come in bespoke shapes and unique formulations, can be fortified and/or certified organic, halal and kosher.

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