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Paper receipt goes digital in Tesco


Surfing through your handbag or at the back of the sofa for a lost store receipt could soon be a thing of the past. Tesco is experimenting a contactless system which avoids paper receipts, and instead sends a record of your purchase to your smartphone. After customers have paid for their goods at the check-out, they swipe their credit or debit card on a separate terminal at the till, which in turn sends a digital receipt to a pre-installed phone app. A short paper receipt will also be printed out. Those who prefer to stick to traditional receipts can very well have that. The chain ensures that it is merely giving the shoppers an option of going digital.

Tesco is the first giant retailer to implement the system. I t is being tested at the two stores in Harlow, Essex but it could be rolled out more widely if the three month trial proves successful. The spokesperson of Tesco told that this system is designed to make it easier for shoppers to keep a record of their payments, as hard copies are always subjected to be lost or to torn. And it also have an added advantage on environmental impact, as it will save paper.

Tesco joined hands with the IT company Tag Retail Systems for its latest venture. The firm’s “Tap and Tag’ terminal provides customers with digital experience through a smartphone app. Tesco launched its PayQwiq ‘digital wallet’ app, which holds customers’ card details. The retailer ensured that it will not provide it with a load of new data on its shoppers.

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