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P.F. Chang’s® Home Menu Introduces Collection Of Bold Sauces

P.F. Chang’s Home Menu, a brand of Conagra Brands (NYSE: CAG), is introducing a line of five premium sauces that bring the authentic, vibrant flavors of P.F. Chang’s to your home. Created with guidance from P.F. Chang’s co-founder Philip Chiang, the new collection of sauces range from sweet to spicy, with a mix of bold flavors featuring carefully chosen ingredients. Available in glass bottles accented with bright colors that mirror the sauces lively flavors, the collection includes Kung Pao, Mongolian, Teriyaki, Sesame and Soy Sauces.

“Our culinary teams worked very hard to ensure that P.F. Chang’s Home Menu Sauces are representing the carefully hand-crafted flavors found in our restaurants,” said P.F. Chang’s co-founder Philip Chiang. “Each sauce is different with its own unique personality, flavor and premium ingredients. We are excited to bring these sauces to home cooks for the first time.”

While Asian food is immensely popular with Americans – more than three in four consumers eat Chinese food – only one quarter make dishes at home.1 The most frequently-cited barriers include:

Lacking the knowledge to prepare a dish

Concerns that the cooking will be too complicated

Worries that homemade dishes won’t be as good as a restaurant-prepared entree

The Sauces from P.F. Chang’s Home Menu eliminate those barriers by providing premium flavors that are versatile and easy to use. The sauces were designed to mimic wok cooking, clinging to other ingredients instead of pooling up on the plate.

With P.F. Chang’s Home Menu Sauces, home cooks can enjoy authentic P.F. Chang’s flavor paired with any combination of meats, seafood and vegetables they choose. The full collection includes:

Kung Pao Sauce: The perfect balance of spicy, sweet and tangy, this Kung Pao Sauce gets its kick from fermented chili bean sauce and chili flakes which are complimented with apple juice concentrate and vinegar. Toss in a few peanuts and prepare with chicken for a satisfying stir fry. Kung Pao can liven up a vegetable crudité; serve as a marinade and basting sauce for grilled skirt steak; or pair with PF Chang’s Home Menu Pork and Chicken Dumplings.

Mongolian Style BBQ Sauce: Best known for pairings with beef and vegetables, this versatile sauce shines as a marinade or a finishing sauce. The deep flavor profile comes from a blend of smoked black pepper, sweet molasses and soy sauce, igniting bold flavors found throughout Asia. Designed as a marinade, stir-fry, and grilling sauce, the flavor attributes perfectly compliment beef, lamb, poultry, and vegetables.

Teriyaki Sauce: For those who enjoy sweetness in their dishes, teriyaki presents the flavors of pineapple juice concentrate and sake wine. Teriyaki is ideally suited for a marinade or to complement grilled proteins, as soy, sake, and pineapple caramelize beautifully during cooking and basting, bringing “umami” flavors to your palate.

Sesame Sauce: P.F. Chang’s Home Menu take on sesame sauce is simple yet bold. Sweet tangy and roasted notes are born from the blend of toasted sesame seeds, ginger, michiu-flavored wine and brown sugar. This “sauce” also is just dynamite as a crisp-bright flavorful salad dressing, with your favorite mix of lettuce and vegetables.

Soy Sauce: The classic accompaniment to any Chinese meal, the P.F. Chang’s Home Menu soy sauce is brewed using traditional Japanese methods for a complex yet clean flavor. Balanced carefully, this soy is an amazing alternative to season soups and salads replacing the traditional use of salts, with more complex-tasty flavor.

P.F. Chang’s Home Menu Sauces will inspire a wide range of uses and dishes. At, home cooks can find suggested recipes for each sauce and watch helpful videos that guide you through each step of the recipe. You can also explore P.F. Chang’s other offerings, including frozen entrees, snacks and appetizers and side dishes.

With more than 300 P.F. Chang’s locations operating worldwide, the brand founded by Phillip Chiang and partner Paul Fleming in 1993 has become synonymous with premium Asian dining. The P.F. Chang’s Home Menu collection, introduced in 2011, brings the authentic taste of the restaurants at home with easy-to-prepare versions of the most popular dishes.

P.F. Chang’s Home Menu Sauces are now available in the Asian foods section at grocery stores and mass retailers nationwide. The Kung Pao, Mongolian, Teriyaki and Sesame Sauces have a suggested retail price of $3.89 and the Soy Sauce has a suggested price of $2.99.

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