Organic Farm Health plans to open Poland’s first organic supermarket


Organic Farm Health, the largest network of delicatessen with organic food in Poland wants to open the country’s first eco-supermarket.Organic Farm Health alias Organic Farma Zdrowia  offer products from organic farming: dairy, meats, bread, drinks. The largest network of organic food deli is looking for ways to get the 15 million zł for the development. 

Slawomir Chłoń, president of Organic Farm Health said the company assumes that around 15 million zł would be needed for further development. The company is planning to amass the money by the the end of this year. Various scenarios are considered and the company is flexible as to the form of obtaining the money. Organic Farm Health already talked funds and industry partners, and is taken into account a capital increase. The company wants to gain momentum in order to exploit the potential of the Polish market of organic food. In 2015 Poles spend 800 million zł on organic food and the estimations for the year 2017 is more than 1 billion. And clearly the company wants to capitalise on the growing market.


Organic Farm Health, which currently has 39 stores, wants to open Poland’s first supermarket with organic products in the second half of 2017. The company also plans for their second facility in 2019. Both supermarkets will have an area of ​​800 sq.m. The site for the proposed supermarket would be in Warsaw. Company plans to increase its total stores to 50-60 by the end of 2021.