One year after its launch, ManoMano is the leading disruptor of the UK DIY market

One year after its launch, ManoMano is the leading disruptor of the UK DIY market

Paris, the 5th of April 2017

European DIY marketplace ManoMano is celebrating its first year of business in the UK with impressive results. Since its UK launch in April 2016, the startup has achieved a turnover of £4.4M. More than 100 local merchants have signed a partnership to sell their products on and 185,000 products have already been listed. ManoMano is now a leading disruptor in a highly competitive market.

With a Home Improvement and Gardening market worth £38B, the UK has always been a priority market for ManoMano. Less than three years after its creation in mid-2013, the marketplace became available to UK customers with a dedicated website and selection of products. The number of products listed has not stopped increasing since, thanks to partnerships with key UK DIY specialists. ManoMano’s sellers benefit from the platform as it helps address new targets and, thus, increase sales.

ManoMano’s unique proposition is disrupting a sector that has long been dominated by established brands and traditional retail chains. By providing a wider choice at more competitive prices than current players, ManoMano is already the leading challenger in Europe. It has set ambitious objectives for the UK, its second largest market in Europe, as it expects to triple its product offering and reach a turnover of £10M by the end of the year. ManoMano has projected a €100 million turnover in the UK market alone by the end of 2019.

Beyond the product offering, the startup is keen to position itself as a key actor in the field of advice and support. It is developing an increasing number of services for its community, both customers and selling partners. Notably, the upcoming integration of iAdvize on its platform will help provide quick, efficient and thorough advice to pre-sale clients through a network of DIY and gardening experts. Moreover, the UK-dedicated team is growing rapidly to develop new logistic solutions for sellers to ensure swift and reliable delivery.

Philippe de Chanville, co-founder of ManoMano, points out: “To disrupt such a competitive market like the UK and build a community for the long term, you need to stand out by the quality of your offer, not just by the quantity of products available or the low prices advertised on the website.”

“This conviction has driven us from the very beginning. That is why we like to say that we are delivering comfort, trust and smiles, more than products and services! They are our main ingredients to reinvent DIY and Gardening in the UK – and everywhere else in Europe.”, adds Christian Raisson, co-founder of ManoMano.

ManoMano’s focus on delivering a differentiated, but still excellent, customer experience recently inspired initiatives such as #ManoMakersDay, which united different YouTubers from around Europe to celebrate Makers at the Paris headquarters and in the YouTube Maker Studio. More generally, the startup is strongly committed to building a community around the brand by partnering with UK influencers (bloggers and YouTubers), engaging on social media with a UK audience and through YouTube media buying, as well as product placements on Channel 4 and ITV.

This recipe has made ManoMano the n°1 challenger of the industry — in the UK and beyond. Four years after its launch, the group is operating in France, Belgium, the UK, Italy, Spain and Germany. It has increased its business from €1M in 2013 to €90M in 2016 and is expecting a sales volume of more than €250M this year. With a total of 1,000,000 products listed on its platform, it has already been trusted by 850,000 clients across Europe and currently employs more than 120 people. ManoMano raised 600,000 euros in August 2012, €2m in September 2014 and €13M in March 2016. More information: