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One more reason to choose Aldi


Aldi, the discount retailer is aiming at a new whole foods division with an elegant store design. Aldi’s debut design was implemented this month at a store in Richmond, Virginia and it hopes to install the same across all its outlets in the near future. The design is almost identical to Whole Foods’ chain of stores better known as 365 by Whole Foods.

According to the new design installation there are permanent shelving fixtures apart from their older version of items stacked on top of each other in cardboard boxes now they can be placed on shelves. Now in Aldi, spotlights will help the fresh fruits and vegetables a central attraction of the outlet. And a large refrigerated section is made available to fresh produce. In this division fruits, vegetables and green salads are available as well as pre-made soups and dips. Of course there is no deli but we can choose from tons of packaged cheeses and meats. Lit sign and electronic digital displays are seen everywhere proclaiming the freshness and quality.

Aldi, which is widely accepted and is about 30% cheaper than Walmart, is growing rapidly along the length and breadth of United States. At present the retailer has about 1,500 stores in the region and has solid plans to add 500 more sites in the next couple of years.


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