Olivo containers provide a true multi-temperature system


Olivo started developing and manufacturing portable insulated containers nearly sixty years ago, commencing with glass fibre through to the rotary moulded plastic used today. A private company with a production capacity of 50,000 containers a year, Olivo is based at Roche-le-Moliere near St Etienne in SE France. There are sales offices in the UK and Singapore plus sales agents in over twenty countries. The main customers over the years have been major retailers and distributors of chilled and frozen food or pharmaceutical products – such well-known names as Carrefour, Casino, Colruyt, Netto, Alliance Healthcare, Ocado, Palmer and Harvey, British Home Stores, Budgens, Londis, Spar, Waitrose, Blakemore, United Drug, Sheng Siong and Tesco-Lotus all use Olivo containers, as do many smaller organisations specialising in distribution of temperature sensitive products in many countries around the World.

Olivo containers provide a true multi-temperature system, using eutectic, cryogenic or dry ice systems, without the need for expensive and complicated vehicle refrigeration. The wide range of over 30 different standard models goes from tote boxes for home deliveries that can be carried by one man, 50 litre chest containers and right through to large 1400 litre containers mounted on fixed steel feet or castors for easy movement. Olivo’s strength in this market is the confidence that their products do exactly what they say they will do, are extremely strong and last for very many years in operation,

When a new customer starts discussions with Olivo we can help them to choose the right container from the very large range for their business by carefully examining their current operating procedures – the length of time the goods require to be under temperature control, the temperatures required, the number of door openings, weight and size of the products to be transported all have a bearing on the container, its size and the refrigeration method needed.

As so many companies in the distribution of temperature sensitive products look hard at their costs then the idea of using easily movable and transportable containers without the need for refrigerated vehicles with their attendant capital and running costs with reduced payloads makes a great deal of sense. The “green” credentials when using Olivo containers are an additional major feature as there are no environmentally damaging gases or pollutants involved in their operation and the containers not only have a very long life but can be re-processed and turned back into industrial plastic for further use in other fields.

Food sales and distribution increase continually right across the World, especially for temperature sensitive products, and we see no end to this. We have seen a large amount of proof that Olivo’s containers save money in capital and operating costs for our customers. There will be further developments in containers with different materials becoming available and with changing requirements in some industries.