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Number of Women Billionaires rises seven-fold in 20 years

woman_executive_ezrThe number of women billionaires has developed at a quicker clasp than
the male tycoons, increasing by 6.6 times in last two decades
contrasted to 5.2 times for men, a study revealed. Among the newly
stated billionaires, most of them are of Asian origin, the report
released by UBS Group AG and PwC says.

The study demonstrates the number of women billionaires has developed
by a variable of 6.6, from 22 in 1995 to 145 in 2014. By examination,
the number of male billionaires stays far bigger at 1,202, yet has
developed by a moderately littler component of 5.2, the UBS – PwC
report says.

Women are taking their place in the tip top club of extremely rich
people, both as business visionaries in their own right and as
pioneers of family traditions. This, the UBS-PwC study calls the
‘Athena Factor’, after the Greek goddess of knowledge, boldness and
motivation. In the later past, they’ve developed as business pioneers
as well as the drivers of families’ business and charitable legacies,
it says.

The study of more than 1,300 billionaires examined data from the last
19 years over the 14 biggest tycoon markets, representing 75% of
worldwide billionaires. While the worldwide GDP has very nearly
tripled from $30 trillion to over $77 trillion in the course of the
most recent two decades, the abundance of billionaires in the study
has expanded just about eight-fold, from $0.7 trillion in 1995 to $5.4
trillion in 2014.

As per the report, Asia has seen the most grounded development of
Women billionaires in the previous 10 years with their numbers
developing by a variable of 8.3 from just 3 to 25 today. This looks at
to a development variable of 2.7 (from 21 to 57) in Europe and 1.7 or
37 to 63 in the US.

Women billionaires in Asia make up very nearly one fifth of the
worldwide women tycoon populace and most of them are younger than
their global partners, report finds. About half (52%) of Asia’s female
very rich people are original business people. Then again, inside of
Europe and the US, women billionaires have acquired their riches by
their own. 93% have done as such in Europe, versus 81% in the US.
Prominently, just about a fifth (19%) of US women billionaires is
independent, contrasted to 7% in Europe.

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