Additions to the Orion range of LED refrigeration lighting, from Nualight, bring new depths to refrigerated meat displays.

What attracts a customer to a piece of fresh meat? There are key factors at play. Unlike fruit and vegetable shopping, where one can touch, feel and smell, fresh meat shopping relies on the visual cues received from the produce.

Instinctively people look to see how pigmented, flush and red the meat is. This information indicates how healthy and safe the food would be to consume. In the right light, customers can assess how fresh the produce is and the time before it spoils.

Retailers must display these time sensitive products under the correct lighting to communicate the freshness of the meat to enable customers to make the right purchase decisions to achieve a quick timely sale.

Best light for customer choices

To help retailers and display case manufacturers provide the best lighting conditions, Nualight have now added Red-Tone (RT) variants to their industry leading Orion range of LED refrigeration lighting. Orion Red -Tone (RT) solutions are specially formulated to enhance fresh meat display cases, picking up and strengthening the natural reds found in the products.

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