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Now Rewe enters the price war with Aldi and Lidl

Aldi and Lidl have recently been back in the price battle. Now also Rewe enters. CEO Souque announces that the chain checks the prices of the discounters every day – and does not allow a price leadership of Aldi in branded products.

For a long time peace had prevailed on the price front. Until just a few weeks ago, it looked as if half a dozen large grocery chains in Germany tacitly allowed themselves a respite when fighting for market share. But this spring, the price war between discounters and supermarkets has come to fruition again.

The prelude had made an underbidding round between Aldi and Lidl, including coke and dairy products. Now Rewe announces that she wants to get involved. “We track the prices of Aldi and Lidl every day and adjust our prices accordingly,” said Rewe boss Lionel Souque at the presentation of the year 2018. “We will not allow Aldi price leadership in branded goods,” said Souque.

Rewe and Edeka, the two big cooperative chains, had helplessly watched the rise of discounters in the 1970s and 80s. Private labels, which were just as cheap for important products as whole milk, yoghurt or butter for the penny as for cheap competition, brought the turnaround. The discounters reacted again with an appreciation of their assortment. Aldi has been bringing more and more branded goods onto the shelves for years.

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