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Now Google is the most Valuable company in the World


Google overtakes Apple as the most valuable company in the World.  As the trading started in New York Stock exchange on Tuesday, the market value of Google rose to $ 545 billion – 16 billion more than at Apple. The world’s largest search engine provider is thus in line with companies such as Exxon Mobil, General Electric, IBM, and General Motors, who held the title as the most valuable company in the world once. Alphabet convinced investors straight back with a strong advertising business in the Christmas quarter, where sales climbed 18 percent to 21.3 billion dollars. The stock then submitted to more than four percent. In contrast, Apple lost a huge chunk of its sales after the launch of iPhone 6 which couldn’t keep up to the expectation of its makers.

Google may, on its ever-growing main source of income – the advertising business – stay on the top of the list for some time. Moreover, the company is betting with numerous projects on promising areas – about self-propelled cars and drones and balloons that  should provide people with an Internet access in every remote corner of the earth. On the other hand there isn’t much that Apple can do in their major domain- the smartphone market. The company continues to focus on the iPhone and iPad tablet computers. However, a new blockbuster is missing in the product pipeline. The beginning of last year, the group on the stock market was worth more than 760 billion dollars.

Although Google Apple now overtaken on the stock exchange, the company don’t have enough profit or revenue closer to Apple, whose headquarters is located only ten kilometers away in Silicon Valley. Apple stayed on the top position from October to December with a revenue of $ 75.9 billion, and amassed a net profit of 18.4 billion dollars. Google increased its profit thanks to more reach on smartphones and tablets. Facebook catapulted its fourth-quarter profit by 124 percent to 1.56 billion at the top.

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