Novacoop ends ties with Eataly

Novacoop, one of seven large consumer cooperatives of Coop System decided to separate from the holding of Oscar Farinetti after a long period of collaboration. Ernesto Dalle Rive, president of the group, in an interview in La Stampa explained bluntly that Eataly would become a direct competitor of the traditional retail chain. Eataly, was founded by Oscar Farinetti, is the largest Italian marketplace in the world, comprising a variety of restaurants, food and beverage counters, bakery, retail items, and a cooking school.

Ernesto Dalle Rive lashed out hard at Eataly saying that the company failed to meet the needs of an increasingly mass consumption. Dalle Rive said to the newspaper, “It’s not them that are gone, but we who have kindly accompanied them to the door, it is clear.”  When asked about the Whys of the partition, Dalle Rive said, “When we opened Fiorfood, shop in Galleria San Federico, which combines sales, administration and books, we saw a contradiction stay at Eataly, which had first experienced this model. Although the great success, it must be said, it has led to valorize the products of industry. Eataly is devoted to excellence, to the territory and food culture, but we noticed that over the years has been meeting the needs of a consumer more and more massive and also linked to the products of modern industry. There has been an evolution of the offer that, crossing with our pursuit policy, has led to an overlap. ”

But Farinetti was definitely not pleasant to hear that its excellent products are labeled cheesy junk. In his reply to the same newspaper Farinetti said, “I can hardly believe that Dalle Rive has made negative comments about our range. I would never dare to judge in public the assortment Coop, which in any case I consider great, although completely different from ours. ” He also said that ninety-five percent of the products sold by Eataly are from small and medium producers of excellence that are very rare to find in supermarkets. The separation, according Farinetti, has been requested by Eataly: “We asked Novacoop to come out with a great gain, or to stay with a smaller stake in a larger project.” So it is consumed farewell.