Northern Ireland online shoppers lost £152,000 during last Christmas


Christmas customers in Northern Ireland lost over £150,000 to internet
shopping and closeout tricks in the 2014 Christmas season. Customers
were especially defenseless in the days leading to Christmas between
20 to 23 of December, and additionally on Black Friday and Cyber
Monday. The PSNI released 162 reports of misrepresentation between
November 2014 to February 2015. Casualties lost 42% more cash in 2014
contrasted to 2013.

The PSNI Economic Crime Unit, in association with consumer groups
Action Fraud and Get Safe Online has issued a warning to online
shoppers to stay vigilant during the holiday season. PSNI’s Det Ch
Insp Ian Wilson said that this information serves as a caution and
calls for consumers to be more attentive on these key shopping days.
More online fraudsters are waiting to capitalise on the shopping
frenzies of the year,he added.

PSNI’s Com Chris Greany said that they want everyone to think twice
about their safety measures before purchasing something over the
internet. The most widely recognized thing purchased and sold by
casualties of fraud were cell telephones. Different reports included
shoppers being duped while attempting to purchase footwear, garments,
watches, gaming consoles, PCs, furniture and home electrical items.

With regards to web shopping, experts warns that if something seems as
though it is an awesome deal it’s most likely low quality, fake or
doesn’t even exist. Fraudsters and online lawbreakers are tenacious
and will persevere relentlessly, giving truly no idea in respect to
whether you and your family are left without presents at Christmas

Get Safe Online’s Tony Neate said the figures demonstrate an expanding
pattern.  In the most recent couple of years, there have been an
increase in number of online wrongdoers at Christmas go up and up,
especially as the buildup around Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals
continues getting greater.