Nominating Committee-AXFOODS

Nominating Committee
In accordance with a resolution by Axfood’s 2012 Annual General Meeting, based on ownership
statistics from Euroclear Sweden AB as per 31 August 2012, the shareholder with the largest number
of shares – after consulting with the three next largest shareholders – has appointed a nominating
committee tasked with making recommendations to the Annual General Meeting scheduled for 13
March 2013 for a chairman to preside over the Annual General Meeting, the number of directors,
directors’ and auditors’ fees, any special fees for committee work, election of the Chairman of the
Board and other board members, and guidelines for composition of the Nominating Committee.
The Nominating Committee has the following composition:
Göran Ennerfelt, Axel Johnson AB, committee chair
Kristin S. Genton, Reitangruppen AS
Marianne Flink, Swedbank Robur funds
Johan Strandberg, SEB funds
Jonas Hillhammar, Axfood’s Shareholder Association
The Chairman of the Board of Axfood, Fredrik Persson, is a co-opted member of the Nominating
Shareholders who wish to submit proposals to the Nominating Committee ahead of Axfood’s 2013
Annual General Meeting may do so by e-mail at the following address: Due
to the planned date of publication of the AGM notice, proposals must be sent so that they are
received by the Nominating Committee not later than 23 January 2013.

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