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Nodriza: the sustainable and economic commitment in the logistics of Consum


Last year, the Consum supermarket network grew by 8.45% in its turnover to reach 2,731 million euros, and the logistics network that supplies its supermarkets has much to do. Its current network, organized in three logistics platforms in the Comunitat Valenciana, three in Catalonia and one in Murcia, will be expanded in the short term, as well as optimizing its facilities with the aim of improving the service to its customers.

Consum explains each of the surface expansions of the Silla and Quart de Poblet platforms in Valencia, and the improvement of work processes on the Las Torres platform de Cotillas (Murcia) and the Refrigerated power station of El Prat in Barcelona: “the expansion project of the Silla platform (Valencia) will gain 3,500 square meters and will incorporate 1,300 new pickings for the preparation of orders, achieving in turn an improvement of ergonomics for workers “.

As for the platform of Quart de Poblet, “the cooperative has started in this platform of refrigerated and fresh, the construction of a new ship of 5,940 square meters and an urbanized total area of ​​13,700 square meters to be put into operation during 2019 ” It seeks to establish a new reverse logistics plant “that doubles the capacity for recycling and packaging management”, in addition to expanding the truck parking area and installing a laundry for these vehicles.

The Nodriza project has 160 suppliers, which in 2018 have transported more than 435,000 pallets of product, 25% more than in the previous year. More than 4.5 million pallets have been distributed in the global cooperative. “This model provides important economic and environmental improvements along the chain, since it has allowed an estimated saving of more than 5.3 million kilometers.”

In addition, the fleet of sustainable delivery vehicles continues to be renewed, with 142 trucks with Euro6 engines and 14 trucks powered by LNG (liquefied natural gas), and with the night distribution model, implemented in 2017. “In 2018 there are already 19 supermarkets that have night distribution, a figure that is extended by 7 more in the summer, “they say in the report.


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