Nigeria burns through $4.6 billion yearly on the importation of fruit concentrates for juice creation, even as natural fruits squander away, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Mr Audu Ogbe has said.

He bemoaned that the convergence of foreign made and adulterated food items into the nation is harming local fruit product commercial ventures. Talking at an intuitive session with the House of Representatives Committee on Rural Development in Abuja, he said the Federal Government owes suppliers of fertilizer about N42 billion. He said the obligation was because of failure of states to meet their 25 percent partner funding of the fertilizer sponsorship scheme.

The Minister, who said the vast majority of the merchandise on the imports prohibition chart still enter the nation through the border towns of Seme in Niger Republic and Cameroon. Boss Ogbe lamented that in only one night a week ago, 300 trucks of expired rice, some as of now 10 years of age, discovered their way into Nigeria.

As per Ogbeh, the free trade understandings marked by the nation and globalization were giving contrarily on the nation’s fortune. He however said agrarian automation is the route forward as it would pull in more youthful ranchers, including that another fertiliser dispersion system that would take out middlemen is vital.

Director of the board of trustees, Hon. Oladipupo Adebutu encouraged the clergyman to grasp a “protectionism methodology” which he said is important to ensure local farmers.

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