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New study sheds light on the link between alcohol and appetite  



Why alcohol consumption does causes a consequent desire to eat? A new study has examined the matter. The link between alcohol and food has long been known. After a few drinks, or cooked, it depends, usually occurs strong desire to eat. Very often we eat also much more than what we really like. How to explain this propensity to stuff yourself after drinking alcohol? This is a question that a new study published in Health Psychology, tries to answer.

To do this, the researchers relied on a panel consists of sixty women invited to drink either a mixture of lemonade and vodka lemonade or a glass whose top had been lightly sprayed with vodka to give the impression of be an alcoholic drink without being truly.

After drinking their drinks, the women were asked to complete a questionnaire about their food cravings then followed by a written test. During this test, the terms “blue”, “red”, “yellow” and “green” appear in different colors. For example, the word “red” was written in yellow. Women had to say aloud what color the words were printed.

After that, the women were given chocolate and cookies were informed that they were free to eat as much or as little as they wanted. Women who drank alcohol obtained poorer results when color test than those included in the placebo group. In addition, they also ate more cookies.

The researchers suggest that they ate more because their inhibitory control was impaired by alcohol, a phenomenon highlighted by their less well to the color test. Another finding, women paying more attention to their diet in the life of every day (to lose weight or maintain their line) were not affected by alcohol. “We explain that because such people are naturally much more effort to resist the food,” write the study authors.

Although the study requires more depth, the researchers concluded that alcohol can be related to a weight gain because it reduces the control women. “These results highlight the role of alcohol consumption as a weight gain factor and suggest that further research on the role of moderation in food consumption induced by alcohol is needed,” they point out.

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