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New shopping cart mechanisms installed at Las Vegas area 99 Cents Only Stores designed to  prevent shopping cart theft


99 Cents Only Stores has recently implemented a locking shopping cart system at all of the 18 Las Vegas area store locations. To unlock a shopping cart from the corral, customers simply deposit a quarter into the mechanism on the cart. Customers will be able to retrieve their deposited quarter when they return the cart to the corral after shopping.

This new system has been put in place in an effort to keep costs down, allowing 99 Cents Only Stores to continue to provide amazing values to their customers. In addition, this new system battles shopping cart theft, guaranteeing more carts will be available to customers. It has also rid local neighborhoods of stray magenta shopping carts that have been stolen and abandoned.

“We are always looking for innovative ways to save money so we can continue to provide extreme value to our incredible customers at 99,” says Jason Kidd, SVP of Store Operations at 99 Cents Only Stores.

The locking shopping cart program is one of the major improvements the Company is making to its 18 Las Vegas area locations as they undergo store remodels that include a refreshed exterior and interior, improved produce departments, upgraded bathrooms and more. All locations are open for business during the remodel, and are on schedule to be completed before the holiday shopping season.

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