Netto Marken-Discount now sells regionally produced milk in environmentally friendly reusable glass bottles in many parts of southern Germany. Their advantage is obvious: they give it the “more sustainable solution” and, thanks to short transport routes, additionally protect the climate and the environment, according to Netto.

By the way, reusable packaging has a long tradition: For a long time, the grocery retailer has been offering the largest range of beverages in environmentally friendly reusable packaging among all discounters nationwide.

“Reusing packaging and transport containers is always a better choice. Therefore, wherever possible, we are looking for ways to increase the number of reusable items in our range. For drinks, we have been a leader in the food discount for a long time. Milk is now added regionally. Our reusable commitment also includes reusable nets for transporting loose fruits and vegetables, reusable boxes for fresh meats and sausages, and various reusable shopping bags, “says Christina Stylianou, director of net corporate communications.


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