With this offer, Netto is the first food discounter to help reduce the waste load caused by plastic or paper packaging and to conserve resources. For example, the reusable boxes can save around 20 t of packaging per year. The principle is simple, practical and environmentally friendly manner: Customers receive the reusable boxes with their meat and sausage products at the counter and can reuse them. About a tray can bring the cans brought backfilled with fresh meat and sausage products.

According to the Federal Environment Agency, around 220 kg of packaging per person is currently produced in Germany every year. In order to reduce the environmental impact of product and transport packaging, Netto has been consistently looking for ways to avoid packaging in its own brands for years – and is therefore always a pioneer in the industry environment, “explains Christina Stylianou, Head of Netto Corporate Communications. “Many people are pushing the subject of packaging. With the reusable boxes for the fresh food counter, you have the opportunity to actively contribute to the prevention of packaging. This is how environmentally friendly behaviour becomes very easy “, comments dr. Marina Beermann, from WWF Germany. Since 2015, the topic of packaging has also been one of the main topics of the partnership for sustainability with nature and environmental protection organization WWF Germany. Netto, together with WWF, aims to relinquish packaging, reduce it, make it more recyclable, and increasingly make it from recycled materials.

source: neue-verpackung.de

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