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Netto Market: Recall of “Hofmaier” -Cabanossi


The company Metten Fleischwaren recalls a certain batch of “Hofmaier” Cabanossi sausages sold nationwide by the Netto Marken-Discount retail chain. It can not be ruled out that red plastic parts are included in the sausage as foreign bodies, Metten said on Thursday in the Finnentrop in the Sauerland.

This concerns the 300 gram packs of the article “Cabanossi scalded, smoked” with the best before date 22.08.19 and the batch number MET 1580409. The packagings bear the company logo “Metten” and the veterinary control number DE EV 356 E.

Not yet sold packs have been taken out of the assortment at Netto Marken-Discount. Further best-before dates, batch numbers or other “Hofmaier” products are not affected. According to Metten, anyone who has bought the sausages can return them in the stores without a receipt and gets the purchase price reimbursed.

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