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Nestle workers threatens walk out: Britain might face cereal shortage


UK is might hit with a cereal shortage after workers at the major Nestle production centre threatens walk out unless a sacked union leader gets his job back. The industrial facility that makes Shreddies, Cheerios and Shredded Wheat sacked Justin Beckett following a ‘minor altercation’ with a manager. The manufacturing operative, working with the company for over 18 years was sacked on 7th September following a verbal exchange with a colleague.

Around 100 workers at the Nestle production centre have decided to walk out unless Justin Beckett gets his job back.  Mr Beckett is likewise a rep for the Unite union who assert he has been the casualty of an ‘internal stitch up’ by supervisors amid the disciplinary procedure.

Talks amongst Unite and supervisors at the Cereal Partners industrial facility in Trowbridge, Wilts – one of only two UK Nestlé cereal sites have so far been unsuccessful.

Apart from Shreddies, Shredded Wheat and Cheerios, Cereal Partners makes Golden Nuggets, Cookie Crisp, Nesquik and Honey Nut Clusters.

Join local officer Tony Hulbert said: “The management has a final opportunity to resolve this dispute and reinstate Justin Beckett, who has an unblemished 18-year work record, before the union moves to the next stage, which is industrial action”.

The union asserted that Beckett, a rep of 10 years standing, lost his occupation unfairly, taking after a minor verbal trade with a partner. Beckett supposedly had an “unblemished” 18-year work record with Nestle.

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