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Nestle withdraws their Strategic Caption


Nestlé had withdrawn the “great start to the day” Ad from their Nesquik variety of products following a ruling from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) that it had encouraged poor nutritional habits in children because of excessive amount of sugar in the same. The Ad featured the Nesquik bunny character stirring a cup of the drink beneath the logo “great start to the day”.

The Children’s Food Campaign protested that the advertisement, specifically the bunny character and the “great start” claim, empowered poor dietary characters  in kids.

Safeguarding the advertisement, Nestlé UK said the Nesquik bunny had been precisely intended to advance a “physically dynamic, vivacious character who could promote a healthy way of life” while the “great start” line just recommended the item could be taken in the beginning of the day and depicted the general satisfaction in drinking it.

Nestlé recognized that a 200ml beverage made with three teaspoons of Nesquik hot chocolate contained 20.2g of sugars, described as “high” under the health light scheme.

However, it said that more than a large portion of the sugar in the drink originated from lactose, which was included normally in milk, and consists supplements extra to those in milk, for example, vitamins C and D, iron and zinc.

Asda said it had no part in producing or authorizing  the ad, which had been offered straightforwardly to its milk supplier by Nestlé.

The ASA said that on the grounds that the item was high in sugar content, we considered the advice that Nesquik was a suitable consistent breakfast choice for kids encouraged poor dietary habits in youngsters and that the commercial ad hence ought not have to be showed up.

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